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Cloud Managed Protection

Your now protected with managed antivirus and managed malware for your Mac. Both services are cloud managed so we can keep tabs on your computer without even needing to login remotely. Let us manage your Mac's security.

Realtime Protection

With our auto-updating policies your computer will never be out of date. The number one reason for infections isn't lack of virus software its lack of proper updated definitions being installed. We manage that for you.

You don't have time

Business owners do not have time to let a virus or malware issue slow them down. With the realtime, endpoint protection you receive from our managed service you can be sure that your business will ever skip a beat.

SAAS Solution

Managed Malware as a service. Year-to-Year with no commitments, ever.

Malware & Antivirus

$299. 99

per year, per workstation

Managed Antivirus & Malware we curate attacks on your systems includes malware removal services

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Managed Malware

$239. 99

per year, per workstation

Custom Managed Malware we curate attacks on your systems includes malware removal services

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Managed Antivirus

$60. 99

per year, per workstation

Custom Managed Antivirus we curate infections on your systems includes virus removal services

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A few of our most frequently asked questions.

What Malware Threats or Viruses do you normally find on a Mac?

Here are some of the worst viruses we have cleaned from our managed systems. We highly recommend using our or any trusted Mac Antivirus Service.

  • Advanced Mac Cleaner
  • CleanMyMac
  • Mac Adware Cleaner
  • Unpollute MY Mac
  • JustCloud
  • LiveShoppers
  • Mackeeper
  • MegaBackup
  • MyShopMate
  • SearchProtect
  • Software-Updater
  • Trovi
  • ZipCloud
  • EasyShopper
  • Flashback
  • FlashMail
  • HotShoppy
  • MacDefender
  • ShopperPro
  • ShopperTool
  • SmartShopper
  • WeBShoppers
  • AsTHT, aka Hovdy, aka AplS.Saprilt
  • BlackHole RAT, aka MusMinim, aka DarkHole
  • CallMe
  • ClickAgent
  • CoinThief
  • Cowhand
  • Crisis, aka Morcut, aka DaVinci
  • DevilRobber, aka Miner-D
  • Dockster
  • Exploit.OSX.Safari, aka OSX.Exploit.Metadata
  • FileSteal, Hackback, KitM
  • FinFisher
  • FkCodec/Codec-M
  • Flashback, aka Flashfake
  • GetShell, aka SET.gen, aka ShellCode, aka MetaData, aka TESrel
  • HellRTS, aka Pinhead, aka Hellraiser
  • Icefog
  • Inqtana
  • iServices, aka iWorkServices, aka Krowi
  • iWorm
  • Jacksbot
  • Janicab
  • KitM
  • Koobface, aka Boonana
  • Lamzev, aka Malev
  • LaoShu
  • Leap, aka Oompa Loompa
  • Leverage
  • Macarena
  • MacDefender, aka MacSecurity, aka MacProtector, aka MacGuard, aka MacShield, aka Defma
  • MacSweeper, aka Immunizator
  • Maljava
  • Minesteal
  • MW2004
  • NetWeird, aka Wirenet
  • OpinionSpy, aka Premier Opinion, aka Spynion
  • OSX.Exploit.Launchd
  • Pintsized
  • PokerStealer, aka Corpref
  • QHost, also HostMod-A
  • Renepo, aka Opener
  • Revir, aka Imuler, aka Muxler
  • RSPlug, aka DNSChanger, aka Jahlav, aka Puper
  • Sabpab, aka Sabpub, aka Mdropper, aka Lamadai, aka Olyx
  • SMSSend
  • Tibet, aka MacControl, aka MaControl, aka MacKontrol
  • Tored
  • Ventir
  • WireLurker, aka Machook
  • Word macro viruses
  • XSLCmd

How secure is the platform?

Mac Gurus Endpoint Security brings all of our industry-leading protection and remediation technologies into one powerful solution. This multi-layer defense model breaks the attack chain by combining advanced malware detection and remediation, malicious website blocking, ransomware blocking, and exploit protection into a single solution.

How is the system managed?

Mac Gurus installs an agent on your computer to scan for either Malware, Viruses or both and then gets a report when a computer is infected. When an infection is detected we remove the infection from the computer remotely without any intrusive screen sharing software.

What is your current uptime status?

You can see the latest uptime status here.

Who do we contact for support?

Please email us here, and note the name and email address associated with your Mac Gurus Protect subscription or contract.

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