iPhone Sales Beat Samsung in Last Quarter of 2017

Blog iPhone Sales Beat Samsung in Last Quarter of 2017

Apple News: iPhone Sales Beat Samsung for Favorite American Smartphone in Last Quarter of 2017

Recent detailed sales report via Strategy Analytics shows that Apple took the top sport for most smartphone shipments in the United States during Apple’s fiscal Q4 for 2017, beating out Samsung.

While overall smartphone shipments have gone down 2% from 40.1 million in 2016 to 39.5 million in 2017, Apple has shipped 12 million iPhones during this period, down 2.1% from its prior 13 million sales in 2016. Nonetheless, Apple still led the market, cornering 30.4% market share.

Samsung came in second at 25.1%. Despite Samsung’s negative ads mocking different iPhones, aiming to steal customers from Apple, Apple still dominated the smartphone market in the United States. Apple also sold a total of 46.7 million iPhones worldwide, reaching a quarterly revenue of $52.6 billion.

For the upcoming first quarter of 2018, investors expect Apple to have record-breaking performance with its new iPhone X sales appearing in Q1 results. Apple has estimated revenue between $84 billion and $87 billion for Q1 2018.

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