How To Control HomePod from your Mac or iOS

Blog How To Control HomePod from your Mac or iOS

Unlike other Apple devices that come with a dedicated app, touch screen or keyboard, HomePod is hands-free. You can control your new HomePod using the Home app and not the Settings app as you might expect. You also can access the HomePod from your Apple TV as one of your audio sources. Here’s how you can control the HomePod directly from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or Mac.

From Your iOS Device Using Control Center

You can control your HomePod without calling out commands right from your iPhone or iPad. This is perfect if you have guests, are up at odd hours or just want to do things without having to speak to Siri.

  1. Pull up the Control Center from your iOS device. You can swipe up from your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.2.5 or later.
  2. When you click on the Audio Controller option, you will see different tiles for your device. Another way to do this is to open the Music app and tap the AirPlay icon at the bottom of the Now Playing screen.
  3. You will see all available AirPlay devices on your network with a volume slider. Your HomePod is one of these devices and supports AirPlay 1 currently.
  4. Change volume, play, pause and change tracks.

This is a remote control interface that controls all the audio devices that you can access via your iOS device. Hence if you choose your iPhone, music will start playing on your device without the HomePod.

From Your Mac Using iTunes

On your Mac, you will find an interface similar to the AirPlay menu on your iOS when you go into iTunes (version 12.7.3 or later).

  1. Access the AirPlay device menu to the right of the volume slider in iTunes where you will see available AirPlay devices including the HomePod listed in the Computer section. You can also see devices here that you can access remotely such as your Apple TV and HomePod.
  2. Click on HomePod. Your iTunes will instantly control the HomePod remotely. What you do on your iTunes from clicking on the volume, navigating and selecting new music, playing or pausing will all happen on your HomePod. You can even use your iTunes shortcuts to control the HomePod.

You can also select and stream Spotify tracks, Overcast podcasts and other audio on your iOS device using AirPlay 1. Just keep in mind when you choose AirPlay, the device that sends audio to your HomePod takes control of the HomePod so if you interrupt the audio doing something else like watching a video, the music or sound stops instantly. All AirPlay devices appear in the Sound pane of your System Preferences app. This means that you can also route sound from any Mac app to your HomePod.

Apple has also released a series of how-to videos on YouTube that cover topics like using the Home app, using VoiceOver, listening to Podcasts, playing audio via AirPlay and more.


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